Saturday, October 2, 2010


Few people will argue that October is one of the best months of the year-- a new chill in the air, the smell of leaves and cinnamon brooms and good food, and time to take out all the cold weather clothes and comfy jackets you had packed up. EEP!! I am giddy just thinking about it! Now, in addition to all the a fore mentioned reasons it is going to be my anniversary month, shooting it right to the BEST MONTH EVER! Two short (and rather busy) weeks from today I will be changing my last name, changing my place of residence, changing who all my stuff Gremlin goes to in the event of my early demise, and changing my title from girlfriend/ coolest person ever to hang out with to WIFE/ broodmare/ still the coolest person ever to hang out with. That is a lot of change.

Anyhoo-- on to the point if this post. For those of you who are coming all them way down to Corpus Christi and Port Aransas for Forrest and mine's...ahem...."special day" is a little research I did on things to do and places to see in both CC and Port A if you have spare time during your visit!

In Corpus you could (the colored ones are links to sites)...

1. The Texas State Aquarium! 
A super neat place to take kiddos, but fun for adults too, where you can see tons of water wildlife from sharks to otters to crabs to DOLPHINS! Yes-- it is true. Dolphins. There are touch tanks where you can pet a sting ray or a lil' sharkey. You can spend an hour there or all day if you feel like reading every bit of fishy fact.

2. The USS Lexington
For the history/military buffs out there, this is a big old battleship that now sits in our marina for tours and education. They call her the Blue Ghost, I THINK because she was supposed to be sunk or something and didn't so when they saw her coming in through the mist is was like "HOLY CRAP! THE GHOST OF A SHIP!"....but don't quote me on that.

3. Eat at the ORIGINAL WhatABurger!
It is two stories, with a view of the bay front. Not many people know this, but Corpus Christi is the home and corporate headquarters of this fine establishement. I have never found another burger that compares to a WhatABurger with cheese and grilled jalepenos. Mmmm.

In Port Aransas you could....

1. Take a Dolphin Cruise!!!
Not even kidding-- AMAZING! Right?? It's like they are slippery humans that can swim and they just want to be your friend! Technically this one is in Ingleside, but that is really close...and how many miles is TOO many miles for a dolphin? Correct answer: No.

2. Go and chill at the beach. Shh...relax....just close your eyes and look at this picture...ahhh.
3. Have a Drink at Shorty's Place.
The final, absolute must-do, in Port A. This crummy little hole in the wall will leave you with fond memories of drunken fishermen and a smell you simply have to shower twice to get rid of. They have beer in bottles only and one big jug (yes, jug) of wine they keep around for sissies. Seriously, I plan to be there for a bit Friday evening. Lovely little place with a lovely little deck, and lovely little characters.

Have Fun and See You All Soon!!