Monday, March 25, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gardening Week 3

I was out of town for a week and my lovely husband baby-sat the plantlings for me. He did an incredible job and I came home to this--

Every single one of the plants have sprouted, and those tiny babies from week 1? Wowiw-wow-wow!--

Zucchini-ville, here we come! Today I took all of these little guys out onto the porch for a couple hours to begin "hardening" them to the outside weather. After about a week of increasing the time they spend outside, I am going to transplant them to the garden. From there, the hardest work should be over and I will just keep waiting and watering. I am so excited and Forrest is getting into it, too! Today we went to the store and got 15 more bags of soil and filled the garden up a tad more, just to be sure there was enough. Next week's update should be a lovely first peek at the outside garden box. Stay tuned!

Moo's Week

Playing in the backyard with Moo the afternoon we flew in.

Baba enjoyed sitting in the yard with you. I think it was the only way he could keep you from getting scooped up by Moo.
//Week 50//

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gardening Week 1

I decided to make a post each week about my rookie year at true vegetable gardening: seeds to kitchen! I had been working for a while on finishing my huge, 16x8 foot garden box and filling it with dirt, and now that my seeds have come in the planting phase has begun. I planted seeds for Jalapenos,
Cocozelle Zucchini, Sweet Spanish Onion, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Cherokee Purple Tomato, and Brandywine Tomato.

The layout is:

 W W     CT CT     O O
W W     CT CT     O O
W W      BT BT     O O
Z  Z       BT BT      P P
Z  Z       BT BT      P P
Z  Z      BT BT      P P

I am keeping a lamp over them to give them light and also to keep them warm. From what I have researched, warmth is especially important for sprouting jalapenos. Once they have sprouted well, I will "harden" them by leaving the tray outdoors for a few hours a day, and then finally transplant them (cardboard egg-pod and all) into the big garden! The only other plan I have for the garden box is to plant a blackberry bush, but I will purchase that one already grown up. If I seem to have more room once these are planted I will sprout another set and have two harvests! Yum yum yum. Next Monday I will skip because I will be out of town but after that, weekly photos! 

*crosses fingers*

Sunday, March 3, 2013



We went to visit Granmunner today. You had the loveliest time playing with her necklaces all afternoon and we even made a good effort to let you pet the cows, but the horses intervened because they wanted to pet you instead. They did.