About Our Family

My name is Jenny and I am married to an incredible man named Forrest. 

When people ask how many children I want, I simply say that I want all of them! So far, we are a family of four.

My husband and I are traditional Roman Catholics who believe that any amount of material goods we might have to forgo could never be worth denying God the opportunity to create one more eternal and precious soul through us. Having this outlook, it doesn't hurt that I LOVE me some babies.Forrest is an engineer and I stay at home with Augie and Nash, and here is where I tell the tales of our fledgling family for whosoever wants to follow along! I love reading other peoples stories of life, love, babies, crafting, photography, cooking, homeopathy, and even cleaning.I plan to show my kids the things I wrote about our family one day, and I guess I just hope they say, "Thanks mom. This is neat!"

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