Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ABC Appointment ~ 16 Weeks

This week I had another appointment, and Friday the 10th is my 16 week marker! Over the past few weeks I have noticed a steep drop in nausea, and have essentially none to speak of this week. Something curious and unlike my previous pregnancy took place though. Even though I was feeling better and able to eat plenty I still felt terribly exhausted. I could barely stand for very long and would get winded walking across a parking lot. I thought that maybe I was just out of shape, but I would also get rapid heart rate for no reason, sore muscles, and even really fitful, sleepless nights.  Being the hypochondriac that I am, I assumed I was soon going to be diagnosed with a pregnancy induced myocardial issue. Well, apparently those are just symptoms of severe iron deficiency/anemia. Glad to know my solution lies in an Fe supplement and some orange juice (Vitamin C helps the body absorb Iron!).  Carol said that it would likely just be a week or two before I noticed a big difference. Phew! 

At this appointment I heard the heartbeat again, and got multiple questions answered about potentially doing a home birth. Before anyone gets into a tizzy, don't. The same medical/life-saving equipment that is at the birth center will be brought to my house by the midwife, and my house is equidistant to the hospital should I need a transfer. My reasons for doing this are copious, but basically it happened like this: I was lying in bed and thinking about how much floor-space was left in our bedroom since the crib was gone. Which led to the thought that it is the perfect space for a birthing tub. Which led to the thought that I hated getting into the car while I was in labor, and HATE-HATE-HATED strapping my newborn into a cold car-seat to come home. Why not cut out the middle man? I asked Forrest what he thought, got the go-ahead, and the rest is history. 

Jim Gaffigan is HILARIOUS, and his take on home-birth is priceless. Do yourself a favor and watch. If you have no time at all to make your own day much better, skip to 1:30 for the stuff I am taking about. But seriously, take 7 minutes to laugh. 

Weight Gain:-2lbs
Cravings: This week I ate my weight in pesto. Sandwiches, pasta, mmm!!
Sleep: Freaky dreams and a lot of waking up, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.
Moods: Better every day. 
What I am looking forward to: Feeling energetic and peaceful. 
Milestones: Solving my Iron deficiency issue!