Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Windows and Doors Galore!

Your newest discoveries in life (aside from various attempts at walking and standing) include an obsession with opening and closing all the doors in the house. You will sit next to any open door, swing it closed, crawl over, and swing it back open. Over and over and over. It is amazing how fun simple things are when little people get excited about them. This week I decided to show you another thing that opens and closes-- the window!

//Week 43// 

You laughed and laughed, saw mama go in and out of the window, and then tried to get a leg up to crawl out the window yourself. It was a wonderful 65 degree afternoon; perfect exploration weather. You are so much fun to raise. :-)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Crazy Monday

Today began with a 6:30 am power outage, and getting dressed in the dark. I didn't know how fast I could get to Forrest until I found myself in the living room, completely creeped out by the sudden pitch blackness. I scrambled to get Augie, and then felt my way along walls to the bathroom and ran into the closet. I told Forrest that I was just trying to remember where the candles were but he saw right through me and made fun of me for running to him because I am (sad but true) afraid of the dark. At age 26. Anyway, after he left for work I needed to go to the grocery store but then realized that garage doors work on electricity. My husband does not trust fancy city-people car holders, and refuses to park in our garage. That is how he got away with no trouble. If you ever need to know how to operate a garage door manually, just call me and I can step-by-step you : ) Then, after getting home from the grocery store and finding the electricity was still out, I put the groceries away as quickly as possible, to not let the cold air out of the fridge. Augie was napping, so I decided to call the girl from craigslist who I was about to meet to sell some used baby stuff to, and RIGHT when she picked up her phone my fire alarm went off and I had to scream directions at her. I then scrambled to turn it off. Guess what? I am tall, but vaulted ceilings are taller. Not knowing where the ladder was, I pushed the couch over, tip-toed on the back edge of the frame (scary!) and literally had to rip the alarm out of the ceiling, as it had no "off" button. Cordless, and in my furious hand, the dang thing was STILL going off! What!?!? Then it stopped all of a sudden. Phew. I went to check on Aug-- Still asleep! Awesome. I had no idea how, but it was awesome nonetheless.

After all the nuttiness, Augie and I had a splendid afternoon at the Dallas World Aquarium with Meredith, Otto, and Lydia. Here are pictures!

//Week 42//

Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 41

//Week 41//

This is us at Ashley Leonards' Foster! SheFos. Lol.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week 40: A New Start!

//Week 40//

This was bath time bubble fun with Aunt Siggy's Christmas gift to mama! SOOOO fun : )

Raw Lettuce Wraps

Here is our first raw meal of the diet. I say "our" because Forrest decided he wanted to do it with me, except he is also going to include salmon and tuna in his diet. It is simple, fresh, and eases one into the raw-ness, as it closely resembles a tex-mex salsa dish. 


Just mix, wrap in butter lettuce, drizzle with lemon and enjoy!

**Note: There are a few "not bad for you" but still not on the diet ingredients that I am going to use up since they were expensive. That is why there is a little sharp cheddar on these wraps. Once it is gone, NO MAS!