Monday, September 19, 2011

The most recent appointment I had at the birthing center (last week) was my 10 week checkup. In reality, it was more like my first "real" appointment. I got to talk extensively with the midwife (there are several, but this is the only one I have met so far) and she asked me a slew of questions about my health and how things were going with my pregnancy. She also used a Doppler to check my belly buddy's heart beat. She warned me that this early is was trickier to find and might take a bit. After waiting FOREVER about two minutes she found the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard in my entire life! 170 BPM! I was so pleased and now I just cannot wait to hear it again next month. She also gave me a hug before I left. I love being crunchy.

This is a picture of me at 12 weeks. It is a terrible picture, and also the best we could do this morning at 7:30 before Forrest had to get to work!

My belly is definitely sticking out a bit, but it does not look "baby big" yet, so I just look like I ate a few too many burritos. Oh well, gotta start somewhere, right??

This week I have noticed a steep drop in my nausea and much awaited reappearance of my characteristic hyper energy. Forrest is just glad that he doesn't have to do any more dishes or laundry while I wallow in self pity. I AM BACK IN BUSINESS, FOLKS! Hopefully this means I will be able to keep up with blogging better, too!