Monday, March 26, 2012

Best News Ever!

So, those pounds I didn't gain last week? I gained four this week. I now feel a lot better, and am glad Little Bear is still growing. I can't dilly dally any longer-- I  HAVE GREAT NEWS!!

At today's appointment I met with midwife Amy (love her!) and she asked if I wanted to get "checked". Since I am WAY more curious than I am shy, I said yes! Ladies and gentlemen, Augie has dropped to a -2 station (awesome!), I am 50% effaced (awesomer!), and I am 1cm dilated (awesomest!!!!).

This was SUCH fun news to hear, especially since the last two days I have felt like my stomach is so big that I can barely sit without my legs being pointed straight out to my sides...much like a very obese belly is between my legs. It feels weird.  

Current Stats:

How far along: 39 weeks
Weight gain: 38lbs
Cravings: Losing my appetite a bit
Sleep: Still fine
Moods: Surreal
Stretch Marks: Same ones as before...
What I Miss: My mucous plug? jk...nothing
Milestones: Dropped, effaced, and dilated!! 
Looking Forward To: My baby boy!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

38 (and a half) Week Appointment

Here is the plan: I am going to try SUPER hard to go into labor by the end of the week, because Leslie (my favorite midwife) is on call this weekend. I had my appointment with her today, and as it turned out, with an intern as well. She was a midwife-in-training from a local hospital and she actually conducted the appointment, but luckily Leslie stayed in the room and supplemented all the "answers" to questions that I had. Of course, I came with my usual list of strange questions, and I believe I may have freaked new-girl out. I just consider it good practice, because she is going to have to deal with other weirdos like me solo someday. Leslie sort of chuckled at the reaction I continued to get out of her, and then mentioned that she would be the one on call this weekend if  I decided to go into labor. That's when I knew for sure that Leslie loves me as much as I love her-- that she would actually look forward to delivering my baby! Woo-hoo!

Other strangeness: I actually LOST a tiny bit of weight this week instead of gaining. WHAT THE WHAT?!? I don't know how, because I eat like a hungry pregnant woman. Seriously! Last night I had dinner, a post dinner snack, and then a post snack sandwich. I also woke up hungry in the night. Maybe Forrest is right-- I am not even that healthy, I just have a good metabolism. Also, this week my cervix has gone from a normal tight cervix that is trying keep a baby in, to the soft cervix of a woman who may or may not go into labor in the near future. I call that hope. I had been worried lately that since Augie hadn't "dropped", that meant I was nowhere near labor, but Lydia Weldy told me that her kiddo didn't drop until she was IN labor. That made me feel better-- I hate prerequisites.

Current Stats:

How far along: 38 weeks
Weight gain: 34lbs...still
Cravings: Baby kisses
Sleep: I has nightmares last night because I was reading before bed : (
Moods: Pretty excellent, with bits of hysteria
Stretch Marks: Same ones as before...
What I Miss: Nothing. I love making babies! I am so excited!
Milestones: Full on "Let's do this!" mode
Looking Forward To: Triumph! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

37 Weeks...The Final Stretch!

Today I had another appointment with midwife Leslie, and I think the final vote is that she is my favorite and I hope she is on call for my labor. She called me "cutie-pie" today when she was saying goodbye after my appointment. Some people would think of it as annoying to be called pet names by a medical professional, but I think she sees that I need reassurance. I am sure I give off that youngest child "Help! I need my mommy!" vibe with all my odd questions. Anyway, I love it. And she gives me hugs.

Basically, the same old stuff happened at this appointment and everything is looking good, but I did get a little bit more insight as to what the protocol is for the following weeks. If I haven't gone into labor by my 40 week appointment, then I will get my first vaginal exam. I asked her what this would tell them (since I know a couple cm dilation could mean ANYTHING as far as "how long until labor beings" goes) and she said it was more of a reference point. She said they would check me again at 41 weeks if I STILL hadn't had the baby, and see how much I had changed, if at all, from the last exam. If I had made progress, then maybe a little castor oil would be a good idea. If I had made NO progress, then maybe a bulb catheter (yipes!!) would be in order. We will just have to see how it goes down...

Current Stats:

How far along: 37 weeks
Weight gain: 34lbs
Cravings: Meat and Fruit
Sleep: Good, except my left hip hurts sometimes
Moods: Either good or desperate
Stretch Marks: grr.
What I Miss: Full range of motion. : (
Milestones: 37 weeks!! I am safe to birth at the center!! 
Looking Forward To: Losing weight. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

36 Weeks: Filled with Violations on My Womanhood.

Tuesday of this week I went to my 36 week appointment. Well, really I went on Monday of this week AND Tuesday, because my brain does not work right. Anyway, when I finally got my days sorted out, I was checked out by Midwife Carol. I have seen MW Leslie for my last several appointments and have definitely built a comfortable relationship with her, so I was glad to see Carol again. The only one of the three I have yet to have an appointment with is Amy, and I have two with her this month. So, by the time I go into labor, whichever MW is on call for that night/day will be a familiar face and voice that I will feel happy to be in the hands of and have a decent rapport with. This is one of my FAVORITE bits about using a midwife; I know exactly what I am getting into as far as "people who will get to see me hollering/crying/emitting strange fluids/sweating/contorting/loving on my new child". I can't imagine doing such a private thing in front of Dr._____ who is randomly on call because your real Doc is at Disney World that week...

Back to the topic at hand-- I had my GBS test this week and it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I am used the protocol of a OBGYN's office, where you are given a medical gown, told to disrobe and that the Dr. will be there in a few minutes to do your PAP, etc etc. *Sitting, waiting, cold table, awkward, read magazine, awkward* Blah Blah Blah. I was prepared for this routine when I went in on Thursday, but that is not what I got. It was actually kind of funny. I was laying back on the chair with my sun dress up to my chest while Carol did the Doppler and felt around on me to see where he was and everything. Then, as she is putting it away and cleaning the gel of my tummy, she just says "okay pull down your panties a bit so I can get my swab culture". I (lying flat back on this table) reply that I can't really pull them farther than my hips because I am too fat to lean up. She says "Oh don't worry I will pull them further if I need to". I wanted to crack up. I love my birthing center. It took her all of a millisecond to swab and be done with it. It was much less like a medical procedure and more like your mom walking in on your when you are in the bathroom. Not a big deal.

I will get the results back at my appointment next week, and hopefully it will be negative so that I don't have to deal with antibiotics during labor. She also mentioned to me that since Augie is always head down with his back to my right side that I should try to sleep/lay as much as possible on my left side so that gravity might help him to become OA and not OP. It was a little hard to do last night and my left ear got pretty hot and gross feeling, but I will continue to try in the name of no back labor! In other sleepy-time news, Forrest says I have snored for the past two nights. Poor guy is slowly seeing his young wife turn into Olga the Inn-Keeper. I just made that up, but it sounds about right.

Finally, this weeks journey brings us to my purchase of *Da-dada-daaa* a package of ladies Depends. I was quite sad to have to make this purchase. My last bit of pride apparently rings up for $10.99 on sale. At our Bradley class it was highly recommended by the instructor to buy them, as the bleeding for the first few days postpartum can be treacherous. I kept trying to insist to Forrest that I would rather go around with a towel fashioned into a diaper or just lay in the yard on a pile of newspaper rather than wear Depends, but he insisted. I think it was a mixture of his desire to not have to deal with the "accidents" of a crying and exhausted woman at midnight and his fondness for finding out the things in life that make me squirm. Anyway, these things are atrocious. They go up far past my bellybutton, which I care about about not for the sake of fashion, but comfort. I think I will have to cut off the top third of all of them so that I don't itch to death and leave Augie motherless.

This is me trying them on.
Note: if any of you mama's who give birth want the rest of my pack of 18, I doubt I will use even half. Just let me know!