Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twelve Week Postpartum Appointment

     Today my sweet little Augie Bear is 3 whole months old! We celebrated by going to mommy's 12 week visit to the birth center. Carol was there today for my appointment (as were Makayla and Kristen), and Augie got some serious cuddles from everyone! I didn't remember to bring my camera so there are no pictures from the visit, but I will try to take a few GOOD ones this week to record his quarter year cuteness!

     I have to say, it really brought my birthing experience full circle to have the same women who birthed him there to coo over him three whole months later. I am so glad everything went so well with my pregnancy, birth, and healthcare that I just can't wait to do it again! Who knows...maybe sooner than later : )

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Naps, Noises, and New Nursing-wear

So far the nap schedule that I am trying to decipher (not implement, just figure out when he likes to nap) is going good. It is also going slowly, as I am apparently the only mama on the planet who didn't realize I needed to take note of these things on a daily basis. I am thinking that his first nap of the day starts at 8am! That seems early to me, but since he likes to wake up at 6-6:30, and he is still a very small bear, I suppose it is reasonable. Also, it is when I had been taking walks and since he always falls asleep in his seat, I may have accidentally trained him to sleep at this hour.

Napping as I blog...
I added "noises" in because I wanted alliteration in my blog post title. I can, however, honestly report that Augie is a much more talkative little guy than I would have ever expected. He goes on and on about different things all day long, and even though we don't speak the same language yet, we both thoroughly enjoy the conversation. I constantly let him know I am "mama", since I feel my daily care-giving should at least earn me the "first word said" award.

As previously mentioned on my Facebook, I am implementing my plan to add more nursing attire to my wardrobe. I got really tired of stretching out things that weren't made for nursing, or even worse, getting somewhere and realizing what I chose to wear won't even stretch enough to nurse! It made for angry baby times and awkward dress-pulled-up-to-the-chin-while-hiding-in-the-car mommy times. I was sick of it!

I found my new favorite spot to find great nursing-wear: milknursingwear.com

It is awesome! So far I have stuck to buying sale items. (It is hard to let go of the cheapie genes my dad gave me) Here is my first purchase!

I love it so far, and it was not expensive! Since then I have ordered another top as the low-low price of 9.99 and a wrap dress for 14.99!! Wowza! They have yet to get here, but I am EXCITED!

In conclusion, I am making headway on baby naps, Augie likes to jabber, and I fully recommend Milk nursing-wear to other mama's who know that they will be makin' babies for the foreseeable future and need to invest in clothes that work!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Month Appointment or How To Make a Mommy Cry

Today was little Augie's 2 month check-up.

Newest stats: 

Weight- 13lbs 7oz, 81st percentile
Height- 23.5in, 66th percentile
Head Circ- 16in, 62nd percentile

He has gained 2 lbs and 7 oz (or 2lbs 3oz) in the past month! Wowwy-wow-wow! I am so proud of him for being such a good eater and living such a sedentary lifestyle. The doc said that the height (length?) will likely spike up to the 95th percentile in the next couple months because he has another growth spurt he has yet to go through. I am not sure how he knows that, but I will take it! 

Now for some sad news. Today Little Bear had to get 2 shots (I would only let them give two in a visit since I am a crunchy hippie and since his daddy had some HUGE complications with vaccinations when he was tiny) and then one oral dose for the Rotavirus. The most heart wrenching thing in the entire world is to see your baby scream for the very first time out of sheer pain. Sure, he has fussed here and there and maybe "cried"  a couple times when I didn't get him the boob fast enough at night, but he is not really much of a crier. Reality check, mama-- your baby can make tears! It was THE WORST THING EVER to have to hold his fat little leg down while the nurse gave him the shots. Even more terrible, before she stuck in the needle, my sweet little happy boy gave the nurse a big smile and was preparing to flirt with her, and then WHAM. She stuck him! His eyes then bolted over to me, his face turned red, he immediately began screaming in a way I had never head him scream, and TEARS came streaming from his big blue eyes. I felt like a monster. Then guess what? We do it to him AGAIN! I seriously wanted to pick him up, run into the wilderness where there are no communicable diseases for him to be in danger of and just live forever, vaccine-free. After the nurse finished and left I just sat there, nursing him and rocking back and forth. I had tears in my eyes and just kept repeating "I'm sorry" to him, over and over. 

This may seem like an overreaction to something so normal, but I am telling you-- I had NEVER truly seen my child cry. I think that if he had suffered through colic or just been a more stressed out baby for whatever reason I might have been tougher about it, but yeesh, I was unprepared! I assume that with time (and more shots) I will  freak out less about this. I hope. Or else, as my sister said to me earlier when I called her in distress, "This is going to be one hard year!"

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quick life update...

This past week my mom came for a visit while my father went to Oklahoma for a trip with his brother and sisters. We had a blast, but in typical Jenny fashion I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES! EEEEEEK! I could kick myself. We did a lot of shopping at Whole Foods and made interesting dishes, and my mom insisted on buying Little Bear a million different new toys and gadgets. We now have a floor mat area for the toys to go in and I am so excited! We will use this area (that is supposed to be used as a dining room) to cage in our babies  make a play room, so that they are safe from harm while I cook/clean/etc. We will get a gate to go from one wall to the other by the time he can walk. This will also provide a barrier so that the pups and Gremlin do not steal his toys, and it will be a place where no shoes can go, to provide a "cleaner" area for him to crawl and slobber and lick things. Yippee!! Here is phase one:

Just for good measure, here is a sweet sleepy baby picture!