Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Month's Midwife Visit, and More!

This past Thursday I had my second monthly appointment at ABC, and since it was during lunch time Forrest got to come with! It was just a general "how are you feeling?" and "any issues lately?" sort of a thing along with my blood pressure and such. One thing to note that the midwife (I got to see the sweet Mrs.Carol this time) got a little miffed about was the fact that I had lost 10 lbs in one month since I last had an appointment. Oops. I blame it partly on the resolution of my...errmm..."gastrointestinal issues", but she thinks that I need to start carrying around cheerios or something with me and eating more frequently. I jumped right on that train and have kept a gallon sized bag of the little yum-yum's in my bed ever since. Guess what!?!? I haven't really gotten sick since then. I think my blood sugar may have a lot to do with my vomiting. Anyhoo, another really neat part of this appointment was that Forrest got to hear the baby's heartbeat via the Doppler. Quite a few times we would hear a funny "whoosh!" and she told us that was him/her kicking! Carol said the baby kicked a lot more than is typical. Karate star? Perhaps. Am I looking forward to feeling those "frequent" kicks at full blast in 5 months at midnight....Yikes.

Other tidbits:

Weight gain/loss: minus 10 lbs
Cravings: Morningstar vegetarian chicken nuggets
Belly growth: barely
Sleep: I suddenly have allergies, so not very good.
What I miss: As much coffee as I want and a clean house. (they go hand in hand)