Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Weekend of Poorly Documented Activities

Forrest and I spent the night in Eustace Friday evening, and went on to Tyler with Seguin for the day on Saturday, in order to help Chisum and Erin move into their new apartment. My Syler-in-law lovingly agreed to watch Mosby for the day at the farm and he had a ton of fun roughing around with all his doggie-cousins, especially Hadrian. After seeing how cute they all were together I was rather remiss that I had left my camera at home, since the dog play and moving day could have made for a cool blog post. The amazing feats of strong-man athletics that Chisum and Forrest pulled to heave some of the furniture up to the second story were quite impressive, and at times seemingly painful. Cut to Sunday, Forrest starts to develop several scratches and bruises , and the mother of all hematoma's on his left arm. I mean, I am really surprised at how huge and awful looking this sucker is. This is what it looks like today, three days after the move...

Gross, right? Boy can seriously bruise.

Anyway, for Easter we are heading back to Eustace and I will be SURE to bring my camera and post funny puppy antics, and maybe even a video. Other future posts: my new job and how exhausting it is. So much so, that I am too tired for that post today....goodnight! (8:00pm, not joking)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mr. Toad Visits the Garden

     Earlier this month when my parents came to visit for my birthday, my mother and I spent one morning doing some gardening and getting my yard ready for Springtime. These are a few of my new, non-sentient residents, which I am pretty sure are called Asiatic Lillies. They should flower pretty soon, so I will have to post more pictures then...

This is the side-yard ledge outside my dining room window.

     Since most of the things we planted were bulbs, I kind of got bulb fever and decided to soak a clove of garlic in a wet towel for a few days to see what happened. It has become my newest experiment to see if I end up with a complete bulb of garlic by the end of the season. Apparently a planted garlic clove will create a new bulb while it grows (once again, according to my mother) so if this works, and it actually tastes good when harvested, then next year I might invest a whole plot into garlic cultivation. MMMMmmmMMMmmm. As my husband can attest, I like almost anything I eat to be 1)spicy and 2)VERY garlicy. Lucky man to get to sleep next to me, huh? Here is my little project...
Cup of garlic, anyone?
       Finally, today while I was watering all my little plant-a-roo's I found a new friend seeking refuge from the hot weather. Mr. Toad did not disclose how long he would be staying, but I hope he decides to hide if he see's a certain uncoordinated black puppy stumbling his way. He may look inept, but I assure you, Mr. Toad, he will toss you in the air like the cat toys he steals from Gremlin. Good luck to you...
"Le Ribbet?"
I will be updating again this week to show my easy and free way to turn your regular leash into one of those "easy walk" leashes that will prevent your pup from wanting to pull you around.

Lenten quote for Sunday: "If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow