Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 Week Appointment and an Awesome Shower!

All is going well at 31 weeks. My midwife thinks that it may have just been that Augie was transverse at my last appointment, when I was measuring below average. Also, while she was feeling around on my stomach she mentioned that he felt like he was head down, and sunny side up! Go Augie! Even though he won't stay that way for the next 2 months I am glad he knows how to get head down! Next big step is my test at 36 weeks for Group B Strep, so wish me luck on that one! 

Next up, here are some pictures from the AMAZING baby shower my sister Tammy threw me (with special help from my mama, Christi, Lydia, Erin and Seguin!!)

There was a wonderful spread of food, thanks to my mama, and an AMAZING cake thanks to Siggles and Syler! Thanks you guys!!

While opening gifts the older women were interested in checking out what cloth diapers were like now-a-days. I can't wait to use the soft little Fuzzibunz!! 

More fun baby gift time...

My mother kept stealing borrowing peoples babies...

And this is a stool for Augie that my daddy made me from a tree in the backyard I grew up in. I love it! : )

Erin brought her famous chips, dip, and salsa that everyone was raving about and asking her the recipes for. Yum Yum. Lydia planned fun games, including one where everyone wrote a message on the butt of a newborn baby diaper so that "mom and dad can have inspiration" during the first few weeks of all-nighters. I was so pleased with the shower and thankful to have such great friends and family. 

For an alternate synopsis of the shower, see Lydia Weldy's Blog!! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby grows, bladder shrinks OR Sacrifices we make for our offspring

Last night I woke up to pee 6 times. Count 'em. SIX! I even had to pee again when I finally woke in the morning. I essentially took 6 separate 1.5 hour naps last night. How refreshing, right?

Today I had another appointment at the birthing center. Nothing really new to speak of, other than the fact that I am currently "measuring" at 27 cm, which is on the smaller side of normal. The midwife says that as long as my uterus keep growing a centimeter a week and doesn't deviate more than 2 cm from the week I am at, there is nothing to worry about. She also said that the fact he has kicking-fiestas multiple times daily and has a good heartbeat, lead her to believe that all is well in belly-land. 

Current Stats:

How far along: 29 weeks
Weight gain: 20lbs. I am inching closer and closer to 200lbs...I could crush you!  
Cravings: Nothing really lately...
Sleep: Interrupted. 
Moods: I cry at everything. EVERYTHING. 
Stretch Marks: nope
What I Miss: Cold turkey sandwiches. 
Milestones: I think I felt a foot on my hand!
Looking Forward To: Forrest getting to meet our little man.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

ABC Visit and My Personal Observations...

It is baby season, people! Everyone I know either recently had or is going to soon have a little one. Lets see...
I currently have at least 5 friends/family who have several month old babies, and have at least 4 friends/family who are pregnant (two of whom I can't even mention by name because they haven't announced yet!). I am probably even forgetting someone. I love babies, and tallying them all up in my little head just makes me giddy!

I had my fifth ABC appointment today and all is well on the belly-front. I had to drink nasty glucose juice before I went so that I could get a blood draw test for Gestational Diabetes, as well as for my iron levels. One correction to a mistake I made in a previous post-- I said they would have me start talking Red Raspberry caplets and inserting Evening Primrose at 36 weeks, but apparently that is actually 34 weeks. In a month and a half I will start preparing for birth! (Well, more seriously at least) It seems like time has flown by. Forrest's laughs a little when he see's how big my belly has gotten. The midwife mentioned that "since I am so tall" it really isn't even showing as much as most mama's. I feel like a beautiful and majestic whale. I want to leap from the water and have onlookers take pictures that they show to their loved ones back home. Maybe not that, but even though I feel big I am quite pleased with myself. I think that is the "youngest child" showing through in me.

Current Stats:

How far along: 27 weeks
Weight gain: 16lbs...I feel good about this number, but apparently 7 lbs in month was a lot? Pfft. 
Cravings:  Burritos and Cereal.
Sleep: Still very nutty dreams, but still not about babies. Although I am pregnant in most of them.
Moods: Pretty decent but VERY sentimental.
Stretch Marks: still not yet...*crosses fingers*
What I Miss: Not peeing my pants a little if I laugh, sneeze, talk, breath, etc
Milestones: Baby shower is soon approaching and I can't WAIT to see my friends and then go home and nest with any goodies I get.
Looking Forward To: Going into labor...I can't wait to try and climb that mountain!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bradley Class #1

Last night Forrest and I went to our first Bradley class together, which will be an eight week long course every Thursday night. Before I get into that, I must mention that my pregnancy brain is getting downright embarrassing. As previously mentioned on Facebook, I accidentally had us there and waiting for "everyone else to show up" on Monday night. Poor Forrest was so nice about it and just felt sorry for me after we figured out why no one else was there... duh...it is because everyone else knows the days of the week, Jenny.

Back to the class--I have to say I was slightly underwhelmed. This may have been because I was WAYYY to excited about it in the first place, and nothing could have held up. It may also have been because I spend so much time Googling things I want to know about the natural birth experience that Ina May Gaskin herself couldn't tell me anything that I don't already know (joke for all you other natural mama's). Either way, it wasn't terrible, but not mind blowing either. One bonus was that the first nights topic was "Relaxation and Massage" so Forrest ended up having to rub my back and hips for quite a while. I think this may have made him feel a tad awkward to do in front of other people because he kept cracking jokes in my ear and afterward mentioned how he didn't know the class would involve "public displays of affection".

Tomorrow I have my next appointment at the birth center, which I will blog about and give an update on my stats. Starting now my appointments will be every two weeks instead of every month, so more frequent blogging can be expected. Until then, here is a little eye candy for anyone who wants to see a 27 week pregnant lady who was already sort of giant before she grew fifty sizes.


P.S. Exciting news about new baby Weldy to come today! I (among others) called it on the gender!!