Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Buy me a shot, I'm tying the knot. Buy me a beer, my wedding is near!

This past Saturday I was thrown an absolutely incredible bachelorette party. We stayed in a hotel on 4th street in Austin, and I could not have asked for a better maid of honor (Stu Bear) to plan the whole shin-digg. We started out the afternoon with margaritas and a little...umm... "consumatory undergarment party" in the hotel room. It was great fun. Here is some advice to anyone who is somewhat critical of their own body (any woman basically) and can't stand to try things on and look in dressing room mirrors all day -- have a few margaritas and let your friends choose your underwear, and then you will feel great in all of them!

Next we all went to dinner at a one-of a-kind Austin restaurant called Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill, and followed that up by a night out on 6th street. We were offered free rounds for the whole group at just about every bar we passed, and therefore decided that we were all VIP and if a bouncer would tell us to come inside his particular bar it quickly became a game of  "what's in it for us??" All of these free drinks were of course fruity little concoctions with minimal alcohol, and I don't think anyone even got very tipsy the whole night, but it was still awesome and you wish you were us! : P

The ladies decided I needed to go on a scavenger hunt which included kissing a bald guy on the head, taking a picture with a police officer, getting someone to serenade me, getting someone to propose to me, and riding a mechanical bull. Needless to say there are videos of many of these events, but you will have to ask Hannah Giles about them. ; ) The old bald guy, who may or may not have been gay, was quite elated by my request and informed me that "he gets asked to do this all the time." What?!?

Anyhoo, the evening was concluded by me getting a tattoo on my bottom that says "Mrs. Womack." Yes. Not a joke. Sarah held me down on the hotel bed, Ashley got out a sharpie and branded me, Leigh proceeded to whack me a good five times to make it red and puffy (realism is important when doing such things), and of course Hannah was the photographer of the whole affair. It did end up looking pretty legit, but I am not going to post any pictures of my ass...butt..."good side" on the internet.

So. Ahem.

Let the record show that although Mary Stuart Womack may be inclined to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, she would be a damn good party planner. 

Thanks everyone : )

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My mom and her Face Page.

Anyone who knows my mother knows that she is a smart, vibrant, fun, caring woman...who just happens to be technologically inept. Last night as I was trying to get a few things for the wedding organized before bed, she calls to me from the next room. " JENNY! I NEED HELP! WHAT IS THIS DOG DOING?!"

Uh oh. What had she found on the "interwebs" now?

Backstory: About a year ago my sister Tammy and I decided that we needed to make her a Facebook in order to keep her connected to familial goings on and pictures of people, etc. Well at first she hardly used it-- she just plain couldn't understand how. After a few months however, people that she knew (friends from work and people she knew from her youth) began adding her and writing her messages. Immediately she got very excited and began trying ever so hard to figure out how to use her "Face Page." She has become what we will call...proficient, but still needs a lot of help from me.

Cut to last night: She calls me in because she "wants to know what this dog is doing!!" I finally realize that she has seen a you tube clip that someone posted, and all of her old lady friends left "OH MY GOODNESS!" sorts of messages about this dog (who we would find out nursed a litter of kittens). Awesome. But anyway, once I showed her how to download Adobe and get the link to work and she sees what all the fuss is about she simply looks at me and replys "Oh. After all that I thought the dog would have been humping someone..."

Oh dear.  : )  Enjoy.