Friday, March 4, 2011

If Only Corpus Were Next To McKinney...

I had a wonderful 25th birthday! My mom and pop came for a visit and stayed for two nights.

I was gifted with quite a few good smelling things, which I love, including several nice candles, Wallflower Plug-Ins, and a lovely bouquet of yellow roses! Now the whole block smells good. Thanks mom. ; )
My mother also brought her "first ever grand-pup" an amazingly vexatious enjoyable squeaky toy, that was difficult to get him to pose with, so this is the best picture I could get.
Now-- due to the fact that my mother is the energizer bunny and has far more energy than any 63 year old young woman should* (she has always been immune to the objections of an exhausted daughter), we packed quite a blast into just a couple of days. We went to the garden shop and basically landscaped my front yard in one morning, and went to Whole Foods and stocked my fridge with "things that are good to eat in case you are pregnant" that afternoon. Yes, I do love this crazy woman. My father spent most of his time reading books from Forrest's extensive, and apparently impressive library.

While they were here I also gave my dad a haircut, as per my mothers request. I am an amateur, sure, but if there is one thing that my father likes more than annoying my mother with his mountain-man shaggy hair, it is free things, so he gladly acquiesced.
Not too shabby, right??
 My father also played a lot of fetch with Mosby, and now that his benefactors-of-fun-times are gone, this is what I am left with. He has been uncommonly mopey since they left Thursday morning!

Year 25 was a sensational birthday, and thank you to all my family and friendies who sent me merry wishes, because they worked. : ) 

* For those who might wonder, I think my mother's secrets to energy include, but are not limited to:
-Going to bed each night at 8 and getting at least 9 hours of sleep,
-Drinking and eating anything that Dr. Oz tells her to (i.e. Chia seeds, Tart Cherry juice, Spirulina, Flax Seeds, etc.),
- Wearing a silver jacket that calls upon the questionable "fancy footwork" powers of the late Micheal Jackson.

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Chris and Lydia said...

His hair looks great! Come help me cut Otto's?