Thursday, May 5, 2011

I think I am becoming a grown up.

I was walking Mosby in our hood today and we came upon a house that had a Rottweiler chained with a wire to the front of the garage, and as we passed it snarled and lunged at us from the end of it's chain. (Side note: we live in a pretty nice neighborhood, in which this kind of "home protection" is totally out of character and unnecessary) I am sure that the people who own the dog (and think that it is perfectly acceptable to chain an animal to the front of your house under the hot sun) would argue something incredibly shortsighted, like "Well as long as you don't come on our property what's the issue?" or "He won't hurt a human" (like the small kids that are playing THIRTY FEET AWAY!). I want to strangle this unknown individual. I understand that some dogs are more territorial than others, and that protecting a house and family is a desirable characteristic in a canine companion, but we do not live in the freaking ghetto, people! There is a difference between having a gun in your house, ready for an unwanted intruder, and carrying an AK on your back and cocking it as the mailman drives by. Do you cock an AK? I don't care. Anyway.

WHAT. THE. CRAP. *said in huffs, due to the lack of breaths in during previous rant*

What do you think? Am I wrong/overreacting? (post on Facebook thread to make it easier)

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