Monday, August 8, 2011

First Appointment at the Birthing Center

     Today Forrest and I met with the administrative director and one of the nurse-midwives at ABC. They were both really nice, welcoming ladies and we were quite pleased with the experience and the the answers we got to all of our questions. First we were shown around the center, which is essentially just a converted historic home. BEAUTIFUL. Both of the suites have birthing tubs (score!) and are decorated with lovely and comfortable linens and homey accents. After asking a slew of questions of the admin lady we realized that it would actually be MORE cost effective to use ABC than a hospital when all is said and done. After we had all our financial questions squared away we spoke with the midwife and I rather awkwardly jumped to the question "How will you know if I am a good candidate??!" She asked me several personal and family health questions and basically assessed whether or not I was really educated on what it all entailed. After regurgitating to her all the things I learned via school, books, and the wisdom of others in the fashion of a teenage girl trying to get picked for the cheer-leading team, she smiled and said it was clear that I knew what I wanted and that I would be fine.

     My first real appointment is when I am 10 weeks, and I cancelled any further appointments with my OBGYN. Sonograms are (unless something unhealthy is suspected) not really necessary and are costed out separately at ABC, so I decided to just get one done when I am 20 weeks to find out the sex, and then forgo any others. I will have an appointment once a month starting at 10 weeks, then twice a month after 28 weeks, then once a week after 36 weeks. Forrest and I are also going to be enrolling in Bradley classes starting in January. It was hilarious because the midwife and I were going back and forth discussing the Bradley class that they offer and finally I looked back at Forrest next to me on the couch nodding with a smile (basically what I look like when he asks insurance questions) and realized he had no idea what we were talking about. I quietly turned to him and said "Bradley is like Lamaze". He was pleased to be clued in as to what the heck was going on.

     Finally, I am really starting to feel the nausea now. This morning I woke up and immediately realized I had a limited number of minutes to eat something before I got sick. I quickly tried to whip up a fruit smoothie and before I could finish I was dry heaving into the kitchen sink. I then had to settle for three rice cakes, seeing as how after the nausea gets bad NOTHING sounds remotely edible that has any flavor. I am a bit nervous to go to work tomorrow. I wonder what they will think when I stop every hour to have a snack. Oh well. Worst case scenario I get fired and get to stay in bed sick instead, right? Sounds like a win win to me.

Number of weeks: 6 and 1 day
Symptoms: Still pretty tired and the nausea has begun. If I ever let my stomach get even half empty I start to feel pukey AND I have to stick to eating certain things, i.e. nothing too flavorful. Oh, and my pee is BRIGHT yellow like a hilighter no matter how much water I drink.
Cravings: Nectarines! 

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Leigh said...

I'm glad it went well! Birth center is definitely the way to go. And highlighter pee is due excreting excess B vitamins from your prenatal vitamin.