Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things Change When You Start to Feel Like a Mama

I know that I am just hitting the tip of the metaphorical iceberg as far as maternal instincts and hormones go, but I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel about myself vs. the world around me. For example, I have found myself on several occasions wanting to "go and talk" to other drivers who I feel were rude. Anyone who knows me, knows that A) I have little to no road rage, and B) I am one of the least confrontational people you can meet when it comes to strangers. All of a sudden now I feel like I deserve a kind of respect that never occurred to me before. This boy honked at me while I was pulling out of a parking lot and yelled out of his window that I was driving to slow. WHAT?!?! I am sorry if you couldn't get to Chick-Fil-A fast enough. Here comes the odd part-- I actually had to hold myself back from getting out of the car and going to explain to him how awful it was that he would treat a pregnant woman like that and MAYBE he should consider that I had the right-of-way and safety is just plain important! Who have I become? I had to ask Forrest that night how he would feel if I got arrested. He simply asked, "what for", and after I explained he was fully supportive of me. I am sure he would be proud in fact, since it usually baffles him that I cower in the face of standing up for myself.

Today at the mall I had to pee really badly and there were teenagers walking slowly in front of my and a friend (who also had a baby in a buggy) and I considered asking the teens to move aside "because I am about to pee my pants". Again...WHAT?! I have a feeling that if this goes much further I am going to be one of those women...those know...a "mom". Does this happen to everyone else when they were pregnant, or did everyone else have spines to BEGIN with? I am turning into my mother, who used to throw fits about "poor service" with salesmen while I hid in corners and turned red.

Worst of all, is when I can imagine someone doing something stupid to hurt Augie. I have had incredibly graphic daydreams about ripping people a new one for even thinking about it. I know-- Daydreams? Coo-Coo!

Maybe there is just something about growing a human that makes a woman start thinking, "You know what, I don't have the time or patience for this!" *Proceeds to ring necks and take names*

Or maybe it is just me and I am going crazy...

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zoe said...

Yep, you hit the nail on the're a mom. My sweet mother used to call it the "mother hen syndrome". It gets worse, but that's okay. Sometimes @$$ holes need to cringe and cower in the face of swift and sure justice that comes with motherhood. I am proud of you, keep up the good work, our kids need us. Oh yeah, ...and Merry Christmas!!
Love and miss you, Zoe