Wednesday, December 5, 2012

EC Progress

     As some may remember I have been dabbling in EC (elimination communication) with Augie for some time now. I never had any plans to go full-time EC, or even-half time, but rather, just as we feel like it and as long as it is easy. I started out several months ago every morning holding him over the bathroom sink (or toilet, but the sink is easier and, NO, baby pee is not nasty like big person pee). I would turn on the water, say "go peepee!" several times, and sometimes blow air down on him so that when he got a little chilly he would pee. Every time he went I would exclaim "Good job going peepee!!" after he was done, and he loved the praise and would glow and giggle. Sometimes we would also do this after a nap or before a bath. We had several days that required a couple less diapers, and Augie was starting to understand what "peepee" was and how to "go". Those were my goals, and they were met. Cut to recently, we were in Eustace for Thanksgiving and I was showing my SIL Stuart how he can pee in the sink when he needs to and is presented with the opportunity. I go to show her and she claims that it is cheating that I blow on him and turn on water, since ANYONE would pee when stimulated with cold. She was less than impressed and I was miffed. I came home and decided to see if Aug really got the concept, or if she was right! So, STUART-- Every morning lately (and sometimes during the day) I have simply held him over the sink, said "go peepee" and he GOES. Happily and without water or cold! Ha! My child is a micturation genius! 

      For Christmas Augie is hoping to get a baby potty and as soon as he starts walking I am going to begin teaching him to use it (once again, leisurely and at his pace) in the hopes that I can use less and wash less diapers. Yes, most of my goals are due to my laziness. And the point of this post is to IYF Stu. IN YO FACE!

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