Thursday, March 6, 2014

ABC Appointment ~ 23 Weeks AND Another Year Older

I got to meet a new (almost) midwife this week (Terry), who will be finishing up and joining the ABC team soon. Very exciting stuff, especially since I liked her so much. She really helped me to take the last edge off of my birth fears while we were talking. Lately I have been getting into the head-space of "this is happening" and "you can do this", but there is obviously always fear of the unknown. She has three little girls and said each subsequent birth was a little easier, and went into a little detail about why, which just really made me feel strong. My belly seems to have gone through a growth spurt in the last week or two, which also makes everything feel more real.

These maternity pictures that Sarah kindly took lead me to the second topic: I had a birthday! Number 28 to be exact, and I spent it in College Station. We were there for my new Goddaughter/niece Rose's baptism, which was lovely. Saturday night after visiting with family I came back to Hannah's to put Augie to bed and they had a cheesecake, several gifts and even some balloons! Super fun time, and super great friends. 

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