Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 25 and a Big Update of Nash Information

I have realized a few things as of late. Even though I have been keeping up with my photo project for Nash, just as I did with Augie, I have not been blogging about any of the important events in his life. Sure, I post things to Facebook, but I can't go back and look easily at Facebook for memories, especially since it has no "search" abilities. Perhaps no one even reads these words, but I like to have it for myself and that is good enough. Without further adieu, here is a bunch of things I can recall of Nash, and a promise to keep up better with blogging his important information.


Most recently this week you got what seems to have been Roseola. You had a 102*F fever for three days and you are MUCH more vocal when you are miserable than your older brother ever was. In fact, you are such a different child altogether! You crack up laughing multiple times a day at the silly things that Augie does, and you love him more than I could have ever hoped. He loves you, too, and is a very kind and protective big brother. You refuse to take a binkie and are much harder to put to sleep. Your hair is growing in lighter, and more reddish blonde than the dark blonde wisps you were born with. You have recently learned to sit up this week, and even though you topple over every few minutes you LOVE it. It has been a whole different experience raising a small baby in a tiny apartment and I really hope we can move into a house as soon as possible, but I constantly remind myself that we are all lucky to have a home at all. I really feel like you have a bit more of my "spicy" personality, where Augie has always been more pensive and deep like Forrest. I cannot WAIT to see who you grow into. I love you, my Nashy. 


Laundry helper, or laundry distraction? <3

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romanreb said...

Aw, him loves him Mama so much!