Thursday, September 24, 2015

Five Weeks with #3

I am sure this is already common news but I needed to document for the blog: I am 5 weeks pregnant today with our third baby. It is all very exciting and at the same time so much more mellow than my previous two pregnancies. With Augie I was bouncing off the walls and could not stop talking about it, with Nash I felt really nervous and could not stop talking about it, but with this pregnancy I just feel pretty peaceful. I feel like we know what to expect out of a newborn (for the most part) and the main thing is to just cherish the small moments and keep on trudging through the hard ones. Augie is *very* excited to have another baby and Nash doesn't understand yet. Another reason that this pregnancy feels more peaceful and resolved is that I feel determined to be healthy and make good decisions. I started at about 10 lbs heavier than the previous two, so that makes me feel more determined to not eat fries and breakfast tacos every day and try and walk daily. Simple things, but it helps me feel in control. There will be no 5 week photo because there is nothing much to look at but a little pre-existing pudge, but maybe I will start those at 9 weeks after my first appointment. 


Weeks- 5 weeks today
Wt Gain- Hopefully non for a long while. 
Sleep- My back seems to hurt when I am asleep and of course sometimes Nash wakes up before 6 but otherwise fine. 
Moods- Peaceful, tired, and maybe some occasional "cut the B.S!"
Looking Forward To- Learning the gender. I can honestly say I will be ecstatic about either but I can't wait to know!
Milestones- Augie being old enough to understand and LOVE the thought of a new life. 

Stop here if you don't want lady details. 

TMI Corner- This pregnancy has been different than my other two in a physical way. Even though it is early, I have had way different symptoms. By now I would have at least some food aversions (I have none) and the strangest thing is that leading up to finding out I was pregnant, my chest hurt for TWO WEEKS. That literally never happens to me. Not with babies and not with AF. Also, my back hurts and I have cramps at night, which also never happened in early pregnancy before. It feels like my stomach doesn't have enough room already, which is super strange since A) I have had TWO kids stretch it out and B)I am not constipated so there should be plenty of room. I am sort of enjoying the novelty...sort of. 

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