Monday, February 13, 2012

33 Weeks and Counting!

Today I had another appointment at ABC and I am really starting to get excited!! I now have bottles of Red Raspberry Leaf caplets and Evening Primrose Oil caplets which I will begin using next week. They will help prepare my uterus and cervix for labor, and  HOPEFULLY help to get it going ON TIME so I don't have to get induced. Another good bit of news is that Augie is still pointed head down! When my midwife was feeling around she told me that he feels like his head is down in my pelvis, his back is curved around my left side, his bottom is in my right ribs, and his feet are on my right side. No wonder I keep feeling like all the action is taking place on my right side-- his butt pushes me there and his feet kick me there! Speaking of which, his "little kicks" are starting to get somewhat painful and make me gasp on occasion. They startle me sometimes when I am not expecting to get a jab in the ribs or, even worse, a swift bang to the bladder. So, only 7 weeks to go now until my due date. The time seems to be flying by and I am glad for that, but a little sad at the same time. I worry that I will turn around tomorrow and be sending him to college, so I wouldn't really mind if these moments lingered a little bit longer. I can't believe that it will be more than just Forrest and I in the house soon. This place will be filled with little hugs and poop diapers before we know it!

In other news:
Sarah Giles was nice enough to take awesome pictures of me this weekend when I went to CS for a visit, so my "how big does she look this week" picture is actually good quality for once!

33 weeks.

Current Stats:

How far along: 33 weeks
Weight gain: 25lbs
Cravings: SCHLOTZSKY'S SAUUUUUUCCEEEEEEE!!!! I bought my own bottle.
Sleep: Still quite good, albeit interrupted 
Moods: Sappy, excited, and easily tired out (grumpy) if I don't get sleep and naps.
Stretch Marks: nada
What I Miss: Being able to bend forward
Milestones: He is head down and staying there!
Looking Forward To: Labor!!!!!

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