Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 Week Appointment and an Awesome Shower!

All is going well at 31 weeks. My midwife thinks that it may have just been that Augie was transverse at my last appointment, when I was measuring below average. Also, while she was feeling around on my stomach she mentioned that he felt like he was head down, and sunny side up! Go Augie! Even though he won't stay that way for the next 2 months I am glad he knows how to get head down! Next big step is my test at 36 weeks for Group B Strep, so wish me luck on that one! 

Next up, here are some pictures from the AMAZING baby shower my sister Tammy threw me (with special help from my mama, Christi, Lydia, Erin and Seguin!!)

There was a wonderful spread of food, thanks to my mama, and an AMAZING cake thanks to Siggles and Syler! Thanks you guys!!

While opening gifts the older women were interested in checking out what cloth diapers were like now-a-days. I can't wait to use the soft little Fuzzibunz!! 

More fun baby gift time...

My mother kept stealing borrowing peoples babies...

And this is a stool for Augie that my daddy made me from a tree in the backyard I grew up in. I love it! : )

Erin brought her famous chips, dip, and salsa that everyone was raving about and asking her the recipes for. Yum Yum. Lydia planned fun games, including one where everyone wrote a message on the butt of a newborn baby diaper so that "mom and dad can have inspiration" during the first few weeks of all-nighters. I was so pleased with the shower and thankful to have such great friends and family. 

For an alternate synopsis of the shower, see Lydia Weldy's Blog!! 

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romanreb said...

That cake is all Seguin's...she just indulged me by allowing me to sculpt the elephant since I sat around and whined about it. ;) I really liked the final design--I had given up trying to figure out what y'all were going to settle on--but I thought it was really masculine and cute. I think Augie is really lucky to have six such devoted Aunties. He'll have to spend his first 6 years just wipin' off kisses!