Monday, April 2, 2012

The Little Uterus that Could...

So I am pretty ticked. I have been all day, and I am finally coming to terms with my lack of labor. Not because I just feel like I want the baby out, but because I really thought I was in LABOR! Late last night I was having quite a few painful contractions (for the first time I can say these were the "real deal" and not Brx Hx) and finally dosed off at about 1am thinking "THIS MIGHT BE IT!!". Cut to about 4am, I wake up with more painful contractions AND my back, front, and even thighs ache like I am having a very bad menstrual time. I get up to pee several times through the night, I even go get a banana and some milk. I switch positions, I sit up for a while, and I even get on my and knees for a bit. The contractions never get into a pattern, but I figure early labor is like that, right? I call my mom at 6 am to see if she has a class scheduled to teach, and to warn her this MIGHT be the start of something!

Cut to 7 am, one hour later, when I step out of bed to get up for the day. NOTHING. Immediately I feel fine--as if I hadn't been in pain all night. What. The. Crap. Are you kidding me? Oh well. I read up on prodromal labor today, and at least I may have become more dilated, or gotten the Aug-Frog into a better position. Oh yeah, and I have a few more stretch marks, too. Harumph.

Current Stats:

How far along: 40 WEEKS!!!!
Weight gain: ??  I don't have my appt until Weds and I don't own a scale
Cravings: Sandwiches. 
Sleep: Grr.
Moods: Grumpy as heck
Stretch Marks: Yeah. Sigh.
What I Miss: My sanity.
Milestones: Serious contractions. 
Looking Forward To: The REAL DEAL! 

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Chris and Lydia said...

Girl. I know EXACTLY how you feel. He will come out eventually. And then he will continue to run your life on his schedule.

But he will be cute and so worth it. :)

Love you much!