Monday, March 26, 2012

Best News Ever!

So, those pounds I didn't gain last week? I gained four this week. I now feel a lot better, and am glad Little Bear is still growing. I can't dilly dally any longer-- I  HAVE GREAT NEWS!!

At today's appointment I met with midwife Amy (love her!) and she asked if I wanted to get "checked". Since I am WAY more curious than I am shy, I said yes! Ladies and gentlemen, Augie has dropped to a -2 station (awesome!), I am 50% effaced (awesomer!), and I am 1cm dilated (awesomest!!!!).

This was SUCH fun news to hear, especially since the last two days I have felt like my stomach is so big that I can barely sit without my legs being pointed straight out to my sides...much like a very obese belly is between my legs. It feels weird.  

Current Stats:

How far along: 39 weeks
Weight gain: 38lbs
Cravings: Losing my appetite a bit
Sleep: Still fine
Moods: Surreal
Stretch Marks: Same ones as before...
What I Miss: My mucous plug? jk...nothing
Milestones: Dropped, effaced, and dilated!! 
Looking Forward To: My baby boy!!!

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