Monday, March 4, 2013

Gardening Week 1

I decided to make a post each week about my rookie year at true vegetable gardening: seeds to kitchen! I had been working for a while on finishing my huge, 16x8 foot garden box and filling it with dirt, and now that my seeds have come in the planting phase has begun. I planted seeds for Jalapenos,
Cocozelle Zucchini, Sweet Spanish Onion, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Cherokee Purple Tomato, and Brandywine Tomato.

The layout is:

 W W     CT CT     O O
W W     CT CT     O O
W W      BT BT     O O
Z  Z       BT BT      P P
Z  Z       BT BT      P P
Z  Z      BT BT      P P

I am keeping a lamp over them to give them light and also to keep them warm. From what I have researched, warmth is especially important for sprouting jalapenos. Once they have sprouted well, I will "harden" them by leaving the tray outdoors for a few hours a day, and then finally transplant them (cardboard egg-pod and all) into the big garden! The only other plan I have for the garden box is to plant a blackberry bush, but I will purchase that one already grown up. If I seem to have more room once these are planted I will sprout another set and have two harvests! Yum yum yum. Next Monday I will skip because I will be out of town but after that, weekly photos! 

*crosses fingers*

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