Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Garden Update

My little pretties seem to be finally making so progress. One of my zucchini has a flower! 

And my sloooowwww growing little tomatoes are making progress, too...

Even my teensy little onion sprigs are looking peppier. This photo is blurry because I can't figure out how to get a close up of small things without blur. Sarah?

I have also noticed some lovely things growing on my porch. Check out this little jewel. What it that?!?! I have never seen such a lovely "weed" but I have also never seen a tiny miniature pansy. Anyone know?

And finally, I am in LOVELOVELOVE with the moss that is growing between the stones. It makes me feel like I have entered an English garden or something whenever I step outside. I thought only really old places were graced with such ne se quois.

I <3 my backyard, and Augie is starting to look a little tan! I guess hope he has his papa's skin genetics?

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