Friday, April 26, 2013

Wheat Grass

This week I have been growing wheat grass and documenting its growth every couple of days. It is basically "full grown" as of today, and it has only been 6 days!

Crazy fast progress, if you ask me...

I bought the bag of seeds for $11 and did the actual planting on some wet paper towels layered on top of a meat roasting pan. Check out the root system!

And in case you are thinking "ELEVEN DOLLARS FOR A LITTLE TRAY OF WHEAT GRASS?!?!" Oh, no, no, no, honey-- there is more where that came from! I only used about two cups of seed for this first tray. 

Forrest and I agree this grass is so lovely and soft we want to plant it in the yard...I wonder how it does with mowing?  : P


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