Thursday, November 3, 2011

So, this Monday I have my next appointment and I can't wait! Who would ever have thought a person could be so excited to see a medical professional? Also I am seriously excited for Christmas-- it seems my excitement is inversely proportional to the temperature outside.

Point of the post? I totally feel the baby kicking all the time now! The first few times I was in disbelief but it really feels like nothing I have ever felt. Earlier in my pregnancy I was told by several moms and read in several books that it would first feel like a "flutter". I literally never felt anything that I would describe as a flutter. It essentially went from nothing to full on kicks. Well, I suppose they would  be better described as pokes, since they are soft and don't hurt. What's weirder is that the first time I felt them it wasn't just in my belly, but rather I felt it with my hand. It was the night of game 7 for the Rangers and I just couldn't watch anymore so I went to lie down and had my hands resting on my tummy. All of a sudden I felt a "poke! poke!" on my right hand and immediately froze with disbelief. A few seconds later I felt the same thing but on the other hand and yelled for Forrest to come feel. Needless to say the baby has still never kicked while he was feeling for it, but hopefully someday soon. Since then I feel it all the time without my hand having to be there, but it is always equally thrilling.

Next post will be about the appointment, and then the week after....gender reveal!

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