Monday, November 7, 2011

Third Appointment at the Birthing Center!

Today I had an appointment at ABC and I showed up late! Eek! I am never late, but I thought the appointment was for 9:30 and it was actually for 9, so we had to rush through it a bit. Some good news it that I have gained 10 lbs, bringing me back to my pre-pregnancy weight. So, I am half way through this thing and have gained zero pounds. I was a little surprised by this, since my belly sticks out a bit now, but I suppose maybe I have always had a pot belly an was just to vain to recognize it. (joke?) Anyway, in the next 20 weeks if I can manage to only gain 30 lbs I will consider it all a success. I was never really too concerned with gaining pregnancy weight until it was pointed out to me that gaining excessive weight in pregnancy leads to higher birth weights and therefore birth complications (i.e. the baby gets stuck). Since I am trying to do this all natural, I would really like to avoid that at all costs. Here is to me keeping up my walking and yoga, and keeping my french fry gorging to minimum. Also, today my midwife felt around on my tummy after she did the Doppler and informed me that I am measuring well an that I am "at umbilicus", which means my uterus has grown up to my belly button. Yippee!

Current Stats:

How far along: 19 weeks
Weight gain: none, zip, nada, 0lbs
Cravings:  food. all of it. tacos and fruit are the best.
Sleep: creepy, insane, awful dreams and dreams about food.
Moods: Forrest says I have been more normal than before I was preg. (no PMS?)
Stretch Marks: not yet...
What I Miss: being able to rough house with people/my dogs/etc
Milestones: tons of kicking!
Looking Forward To: sonogram next week to tell the gender!!

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It will be a boy. You have be able to put yourself in God's shoes to know these things.