Monday, March 12, 2012

37 Weeks...The Final Stretch!

Today I had another appointment with midwife Leslie, and I think the final vote is that she is my favorite and I hope she is on call for my labor. She called me "cutie-pie" today when she was saying goodbye after my appointment. Some people would think of it as annoying to be called pet names by a medical professional, but I think she sees that I need reassurance. I am sure I give off that youngest child "Help! I need my mommy!" vibe with all my odd questions. Anyway, I love it. And she gives me hugs.

Basically, the same old stuff happened at this appointment and everything is looking good, but I did get a little bit more insight as to what the protocol is for the following weeks. If I haven't gone into labor by my 40 week appointment, then I will get my first vaginal exam. I asked her what this would tell them (since I know a couple cm dilation could mean ANYTHING as far as "how long until labor beings" goes) and she said it was more of a reference point. She said they would check me again at 41 weeks if I STILL hadn't had the baby, and see how much I had changed, if at all, from the last exam. If I had made progress, then maybe a little castor oil would be a good idea. If I had made NO progress, then maybe a bulb catheter (yipes!!) would be in order. We will just have to see how it goes down...

Current Stats:

How far along: 37 weeks
Weight gain: 34lbs
Cravings: Meat and Fruit
Sleep: Good, except my left hip hurts sometimes
Moods: Either good or desperate
Stretch Marks: grr.
What I Miss: Full range of motion. : (
Milestones: 37 weeks!! I am safe to birth at the center!! 
Looking Forward To: Losing weight. 

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