Wednesday, March 21, 2012

38 (and a half) Week Appointment

Here is the plan: I am going to try SUPER hard to go into labor by the end of the week, because Leslie (my favorite midwife) is on call this weekend. I had my appointment with her today, and as it turned out, with an intern as well. She was a midwife-in-training from a local hospital and she actually conducted the appointment, but luckily Leslie stayed in the room and supplemented all the "answers" to questions that I had. Of course, I came with my usual list of strange questions, and I believe I may have freaked new-girl out. I just consider it good practice, because she is going to have to deal with other weirdos like me solo someday. Leslie sort of chuckled at the reaction I continued to get out of her, and then mentioned that she would be the one on call this weekend if  I decided to go into labor. That's when I knew for sure that Leslie loves me as much as I love her-- that she would actually look forward to delivering my baby! Woo-hoo!

Other strangeness: I actually LOST a tiny bit of weight this week instead of gaining. WHAT THE WHAT?!? I don't know how, because I eat like a hungry pregnant woman. Seriously! Last night I had dinner, a post dinner snack, and then a post snack sandwich. I also woke up hungry in the night. Maybe Forrest is right-- I am not even that healthy, I just have a good metabolism. Also, this week my cervix has gone from a normal tight cervix that is trying keep a baby in, to the soft cervix of a woman who may or may not go into labor in the near future. I call that hope. I had been worried lately that since Augie hadn't "dropped", that meant I was nowhere near labor, but Lydia Weldy told me that her kiddo didn't drop until she was IN labor. That made me feel better-- I hate prerequisites.

Current Stats:

How far along: 38 weeks
Weight gain: 34lbs...still
Cravings: Baby kisses
Sleep: I has nightmares last night because I was reading before bed : (
Moods: Pretty excellent, with bits of hysteria
Stretch Marks: Same ones as before...
What I Miss: Nothing. I love making babies! I am so excited!
Milestones: Full on "Let's do this!" mode
Looking Forward To: Triumph! 

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romanreb said...

I don't want anymore complaints about "not gaining weight". I gained 75 pounds every time I had one. And I tried not to.
This is so exciting!