Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twelve Week Postpartum Appointment

     Today my sweet little Augie Bear is 3 whole months old! We celebrated by going to mommy's 12 week visit to the birth center. Carol was there today for my appointment (as were Makayla and Kristen), and Augie got some serious cuddles from everyone! I didn't remember to bring my camera so there are no pictures from the visit, but I will try to take a few GOOD ones this week to record his quarter year cuteness!

     I have to say, it really brought my birthing experience full circle to have the same women who birthed him there to coo over him three whole months later. I am so glad everything went so well with my pregnancy, birth, and healthcare that I just can't wait to do it again! Who knows...maybe sooner than later : )

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Chris and Lydia said...

Holy cow, when you put it as a quarter of a year he seems so OLD! Crazy nuts how fast it happens.