Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Naps, Noises, and New Nursing-wear

So far the nap schedule that I am trying to decipher (not implement, just figure out when he likes to nap) is going good. It is also going slowly, as I am apparently the only mama on the planet who didn't realize I needed to take note of these things on a daily basis. I am thinking that his first nap of the day starts at 8am! That seems early to me, but since he likes to wake up at 6-6:30, and he is still a very small bear, I suppose it is reasonable. Also, it is when I had been taking walks and since he always falls asleep in his seat, I may have accidentally trained him to sleep at this hour.

Napping as I blog...
I added "noises" in because I wanted alliteration in my blog post title. I can, however, honestly report that Augie is a much more talkative little guy than I would have ever expected. He goes on and on about different things all day long, and even though we don't speak the same language yet, we both thoroughly enjoy the conversation. I constantly let him know I am "mama", since I feel my daily care-giving should at least earn me the "first word said" award.

As previously mentioned on my Facebook, I am implementing my plan to add more nursing attire to my wardrobe. I got really tired of stretching out things that weren't made for nursing, or even worse, getting somewhere and realizing what I chose to wear won't even stretch enough to nurse! It made for angry baby times and awkward dress-pulled-up-to-the-chin-while-hiding-in-the-car mommy times. I was sick of it!

I found my new favorite spot to find great nursing-wear:

It is awesome! So far I have stuck to buying sale items. (It is hard to let go of the cheapie genes my dad gave me) Here is my first purchase!

I love it so far, and it was not expensive! Since then I have ordered another top as the low-low price of 9.99 and a wrap dress for 14.99!! Wowza! They have yet to get here, but I am EXCITED!

In conclusion, I am making headway on baby naps, Augie likes to jabber, and I fully recommend Milk nursing-wear to other mama's who know that they will be makin' babies for the foreseeable future and need to invest in clothes that work!

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