Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quick life update...

This past week my mom came for a visit while my father went to Oklahoma for a trip with his brother and sisters. We had a blast, but in typical Jenny fashion I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES! EEEEEEK! I could kick myself. We did a lot of shopping at Whole Foods and made interesting dishes, and my mom insisted on buying Little Bear a million different new toys and gadgets. We now have a floor mat area for the toys to go in and I am so excited! We will use this area (that is supposed to be used as a dining room) to cage in our babies  make a play room, so that they are safe from harm while I cook/clean/etc. We will get a gate to go from one wall to the other by the time he can walk. This will also provide a barrier so that the pups and Gremlin do not steal his toys, and it will be a place where no shoes can go, to provide a "cleaner" area for him to crawl and slobber and lick things. Yippee!! Here is phase one:

Just for good measure, here is a sweet sleepy baby picture!

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Emily Duffy said...

Hey, here is a gate I think you would like and is probably long enough for what you want. I have seen/used it at a friend's before and liked it!