Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garden Update

After the first couple weeks of fast sprouting my vegetable garden has been really taking it's time, hence the delay of photo-evidence. Here is where I am at now:

You may not be able to tell from this view, but this is a full garden. Four zucchini plants, three watermelon plants, around ten tomato plants and five pepper plants, and of course the ever growing collection of onions. Here are some close-ups:



I bought a little tiny mint plant about a month and a half ago and it is going nuts. It really loves the little blue pot it is in and killed off the cilantro beside it, and is taking up full residence!

This seriously used to be one teeny little plant.

Last but not least, since I am on the subject of gardening, here are the three new Knockout Rose bushes I planted a couple of weeks ago. They already have a bunch of blooms! Forrest had torn out Holly bushes that I hated about a year ago and I finally did something with the ugly, grass-less spot. I even used leftover bricks we had to make them a little retaining wall.

Outside of the living-room window I scattered a packet of wildflower seeds! I will make sure to snap a picture of those if they end up pretty. There are already centimeter high sprouts all around, so I have high hopes!

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