Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby grows, bladder shrinks OR Sacrifices we make for our offspring

Last night I woke up to pee 6 times. Count 'em. SIX! I even had to pee again when I finally woke in the morning. I essentially took 6 separate 1.5 hour naps last night. How refreshing, right?

Today I had another appointment at the birthing center. Nothing really new to speak of, other than the fact that I am currently "measuring" at 27 cm, which is on the smaller side of normal. The midwife says that as long as my uterus keep growing a centimeter a week and doesn't deviate more than 2 cm from the week I am at, there is nothing to worry about. She also said that the fact he has kicking-fiestas multiple times daily and has a good heartbeat, lead her to believe that all is well in belly-land. 

Current Stats:

How far along: 29 weeks
Weight gain: 20lbs. I am inching closer and closer to 200lbs...I could crush you!  
Cravings: Nothing really lately...
Sleep: Interrupted. 
Moods: I cry at everything. EVERYTHING. 
Stretch Marks: nope
What I Miss: Cold turkey sandwiches. 
Milestones: I think I felt a foot on my hand!
Looking Forward To: Forrest getting to meet our little man.

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