Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bradley Class #1

Last night Forrest and I went to our first Bradley class together, which will be an eight week long course every Thursday night. Before I get into that, I must mention that my pregnancy brain is getting downright embarrassing. As previously mentioned on Facebook, I accidentally had us there and waiting for "everyone else to show up" on Monday night. Poor Forrest was so nice about it and just felt sorry for me after we figured out why no one else was there... is because everyone else knows the days of the week, Jenny.

Back to the class--I have to say I was slightly underwhelmed. This may have been because I was WAYYY to excited about it in the first place, and nothing could have held up. It may also have been because I spend so much time Googling things I want to know about the natural birth experience that Ina May Gaskin herself couldn't tell me anything that I don't already know (joke for all you other natural mama's). Either way, it wasn't terrible, but not mind blowing either. One bonus was that the first nights topic was "Relaxation and Massage" so Forrest ended up having to rub my back and hips for quite a while. I think this may have made him feel a tad awkward to do in front of other people because he kept cracking jokes in my ear and afterward mentioned how he didn't know the class would involve "public displays of affection".

Tomorrow I have my next appointment at the birth center, which I will blog about and give an update on my stats. Starting now my appointments will be every two weeks instead of every month, so more frequent blogging can be expected. Until then, here is a little eye candy for anyone who wants to see a 27 week pregnant lady who was already sort of giant before she grew fifty sizes.


P.S. Exciting news about new baby Weldy to come today! I (among others) called it on the gender!!

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Roaming Jess said...

Jenny. You look amazing. I'm not even lying. You look good grrl.