Thursday, January 5, 2012

ABC Visit and My Personal Observations...

It is baby season, people! Everyone I know either recently had or is going to soon have a little one. Lets see...
I currently have at least 5 friends/family who have several month old babies, and have at least 4 friends/family who are pregnant (two of whom I can't even mention by name because they haven't announced yet!). I am probably even forgetting someone. I love babies, and tallying them all up in my little head just makes me giddy!

I had my fifth ABC appointment today and all is well on the belly-front. I had to drink nasty glucose juice before I went so that I could get a blood draw test for Gestational Diabetes, as well as for my iron levels. One correction to a mistake I made in a previous post-- I said they would have me start talking Red Raspberry caplets and inserting Evening Primrose at 36 weeks, but apparently that is actually 34 weeks. In a month and a half I will start preparing for birth! (Well, more seriously at least) It seems like time has flown by. Forrest's laughs a little when he see's how big my belly has gotten. The midwife mentioned that "since I am so tall" it really isn't even showing as much as most mama's. I feel like a beautiful and majestic whale. I want to leap from the water and have onlookers take pictures that they show to their loved ones back home. Maybe not that, but even though I feel big I am quite pleased with myself. I think that is the "youngest child" showing through in me.

Current Stats:

How far along: 27 weeks
Weight gain: 16lbs...I feel good about this number, but apparently 7 lbs in month was a lot? Pfft. 
Cravings:  Burritos and Cereal.
Sleep: Still very nutty dreams, but still not about babies. Although I am pregnant in most of them.
Moods: Pretty decent but VERY sentimental.
Stretch Marks: still not yet...*crosses fingers*
What I Miss: Not peeing my pants a little if I laugh, sneeze, talk, breath, etc
Milestones: Baby shower is soon approaching and I can't WAIT to see my friends and then go home and nest with any goodies I get.
Looking Forward To: Going into labor...I can't wait to try and climb that mountain!!

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