Sunday, May 13, 2012

Getting Back In Shape!

So this Tuesday Augie will be 6 weeks old, which means that I will be six weeks postpartum. This means several things, including the fact that it is time for me to begin exercising, eating "right" and getting back into shape. Really all I want is to fit properly into my clothes from before the little bear was conceived.

Here is the plan--

I am big into making lists and plans and goals, therefore I know I need to employ something that plays on that part of me in order to lose weight. I found (via the suggestion of a family member) This thing is awesome! It is essentially a calorie counter, much like what you would have to pay to use with WeightWatchers online, BUT IT IS FREE! It tracks your exercise in order to allow you more calories if you earn them, it has a pretty good library of foods to look up and add with calories already accounted for, AND it has a breastfeeding allotment! I mean, WOW! That is the main thing I was concerned about with any kind of diet, is making sure I don't do any harm to Augie's weight gain. This site definitely meets all my needs. Here is my weight loss ticker that I will be updating on a weekly basis...

Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Calorie Counter

Another neat thing about this site is that it takes a note from Facebook and allows you to have "friends", be in "groups", AND it has a status thread on your home page. I am really excited to get started tomorrow and I believe this site will help me stay on track.

Hopefully if all goes well I will meet my goal of ditching 25lbs sometime this summer. Probably just in time to get prego again. Haha. Wish me luck!!

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