Friday, May 4, 2012

One Month Old!

     Today we had Augie's one month appointment with the pediatrician. His newest stats are 10 lbs (really it said 10lbs 4oz, but I weighed a cloth diaper and they are 4oz) and 22 and 3/4 inches! What a big boy! In just one month he has gained 2 lbs and 1 and 1/4 inches. Woot woot!

Here is evidence of my little bear's growth...

Smiley face

Handsome pose

Clearly Forrest's offspring

     Last week we went to my 3 week postpartum checkup and I got a picture of Augie with Carol (the Midwife who birthed him) and Makayla (the nurse who was an angel throughout my labor)...

Makayla (left) and Carol (right)

     I had such a wonderful experience at the birth center throughout my entire pregnancy and birth that I almost can't wait to get pregnant again. How many people can say that they are sad to not be able to go to weekly appointments to see their healthcare providers? Apparently breastfeeding amenorrhea (lack of menstruation that comes with exclusive breastfeeding) is usually about 98% effective as "birth control" for the first six months. That's all the birth control I am willing to use, so I guess everyone should stay tuned in to see if that percentage is true for me. I will miss those ladies in the meantime. They really made my journey from unassuming little pregnant lady to full fledged mama more amazing and simple than I could have ever hoped. 

     I will start asking Forrest to take regular pictures of Augie from now on so that I can quit posting the terrible ones that I take. I can't WAIT to start having fun summer activities to do with my fellas, and I am also quite excited about letting Aug get to meet his newest peer,  Meredith Weldy! Congratulations, Lydia!! 

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