Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I've Been a Terrible Blogger this Week!

This past Saturday we took a trip to Eustace-town!

Your Auntie Stu had a wonderful time snuggling you, and clearly you were not to upset about it either. 

Granmunnah showed you Benny, and you really wanted to tear his ear off, and tried to do so, to his dismay.  

Then you were pooped and took a nap on some wonderful bosoms, quite similar to your mamas.

You are getting very cheeky and LOVE being as independent as possible these days. "Look mama, I can sit!"

Wyatt and Melissa came to visit us for a few days while Papa is on a work trip in Las Vegas. You two were so squiggly in Melly's arms that it was so hard to snap a shot!

Lately you will take any chance you can to grab at mamas food and drinks, so we decided to find you something to play with at the baby store. It turned out the spout on the sippy cup I found leaks too fast, so I put your milk in a bottle, but you were just as happy to hold it. Like I said-- really trying to be independent. I am trying hard to hold off on giving you food regularly, but it seems like a cruel world to see people eating all the time and never partake...we will see.

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