Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Beauty of Life

Today's picture was not supposed to be of papa kissing you when he got home from work. It was supposed to be of you playing with the ducks today at the creek, but none of those pictures turned out. You see, today the ducks decided they didn't care that we had bread; they were NOT getting out of the water. You decided that you would rather eat dirt and sticks than look cute for a picture. Mostly, they turned out bad because the camera would only focus on the plants around you and so you were fuzzy in most of them. Mama was a bit peeved. Then, papa came home. You were in your "kitchen helper" watching mama make dinns and he came to kiss you. I snapped a picture really fast, and realized that if the point of this project is capturing the beauty in everyday life, then this was it. Not some dumb 'ol, uncooperative ducks. This was it.

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