Saturday, September 1, 2012

An Evening Life, You Say??

As of late I have been questioning my reasoning for Augie's early (6pm!) bedtime. I started him out on this schedule because I read a book (well, part of a book) from which I reaped the knowledge that a baby needs a really early bedtime and several two hour naps in order to not be crazy and fussy. Although I still maintain the book had a LOT of good, well-researched information for parents who may have "problem sleepers", I do not think that THAT amount of structure is mandatory for a happy Aug-Miester. You see-- Augie has never really been a "normal" napper. He sleeps for a bout 30 minutes to an hour, about 4 times a day. For some babies that might equate to a screaming, tired banshee. Not my kid.

Here is where I had my epiphany: If the "nap rules" don't apply that well to him, maybe the early bedtime rule doesn't either. I started talking to other mama's and as it turns out, a lot of parents just do what is comfortable for their family schedule, and they don't have insane children either. Go figure.

I will say that I completely understand that if a working mama has to have her kid at daycare every morning by 7, then going to bed at 6 or so makes sense-- I really DO believe that small children and babies should aim for 11-13 hours a night.

I am NOT a working mama. I do NOT have to get up at 6am to get myself and my kiddo ready. I would LOVE IT if he would snooze until 8 every day.

Here is where I had a chat with my Forrest-man and ran my thoughts by him (he is a smarty-party and sometimes has insight I never thought of!). He basically gave me a big 'ol thumbs up on the plan. We are actually pretty excited to eventually have a babe that might stay up until 8, maybe 8:30 on a special night. Do you know what that would mean for us!? An EVENING-LIFE! (Not to be confused with "night-life" evening-life is the best most parents of a baby or small child can hope for). Yes. We might be able to be outside of our home past 5pm and not worry that our child is going to make us pay for it.

So, here goes the plan-- We have kept Augie up 'til about 7 or so the past couple nights evenings, and he has slept in the morning until 7 or so. We plan to inch it further and further until we have an 8-8:30 bedtime, and hopefully he will maintain a later and later wake time.

I will report back in a month or two with the results! Over and out.

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erin said...

I just posted about Silas' sleep routine! I feel like our brains are in-sync. Anyway, I have been so bent out of shape about the whole sleep schedule thing and finally somehow fell into a great schedule. He has been going to bed by 6p.m.(!) and sleeping until about 7:30 a.m. It is working so far! I have learned that I just have to go with the flow. It took me 11 1/2 months to figure this out and I think I finally got it.

I hope your plan is working out. I would love to hear more about it!