Friday, August 31, 2012

The Duck Days of Summer

Today (as promised in a previous post ) I took Augie to feed the ducks. Unfortunately all of the pictures I took are a little over exposed, but I talked to Sarah Giles and I have a better plan for next time! For now, enjoy these fun little moments of Augie's first duck-feeding extravaganza! 


This lovely outing took place at Watter's Creek-- a fancy shopping center with a nice grassy area and an ACTUAL creek. I love how the ducks there are not at all afraid to come up to humans for food. Augie didn't know what to do with himself when he realized the ducks would eat right out of his hand...well, right out of his toes...where I wedged some bread. : )

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romanreb said...

I always found it unnecessary to wedge bread into Seguin's toes in order to get the ducks to bite them. I think it was because they looked like little pink kernels of corn...She is still wary of waterfowl...