Friday, July 20, 2012

Old Friend, New Friend, Red Friend, Blue Friend?

Today Augie and I had lunch with our new friends, Kirsty and Chapman! (Thank you to Leigh for Facebook-introducing us.) We had a nice time and got to chat for a bit, and then Augie decided to have a meltdown. You might think that it makes me a lucky momma that my kid rarely has these (and it totally does), but the fact that I am not used to him acting that way means that when he does I, too, freak out and we have to bolt home to regroup! This meant a slightly abbreviated date, and no Gelato. Very sad, but now that we finally got to meet, I am sure we will have plenty more chances to hang out and have fun!

Chapman is the one bundled up and cozy in the sling :) Yay for new friends!

Now, onto some sad news. My other friend and walking buddy, Tarah, is moving away. She, her hubb, and their baby boy Sam are moving back from whence they came. They are pretty happy about getting to go home to Minnesota, but I sure will miss them. Arrivederci, Dworshak clan! Keep in touch--you will be missed. 

Isn't Sam adorable? You can see why I will miss this kid (and his momma)!

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