Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sturat and Siggle Come for a Visit

Last night Stuart and Sigs came to take Forrest on a sate. Yes, a sate. A date is a date, a frate is a friend-date, and, therefore, a sate is a sibling-date. They all went to go see Batman's Final Revenge or something of that nature, and left Augie and I to a quiet night of cuddling a several closed-captioned episodes of "Dual Survival"! Awesome show.

 The REAL fun happened the next morning, when Augie got to take his aunties up with a big dose of cute.

He wasn't quite successful in rousing Aunt Seguin, but he did manage to get Stu to come and play for a bit. They hung out on the couch like real cool kids do...

and pondered life's big questions as they gazed into each others eyes.

We love you, aunties! Please, come again soon!

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