Sunday, July 15, 2012

Visit to Eustace

This Saturday we had a fun overnight trip to see our favorite people in ALL of Eustace-town. Ma-da-da Syler, Dumb-daddy Dennis, Siggy, Stu, and Rachel and the cousins were there, too! It was a lot of fun for Augie, and I ACTUALLY remembered to take pictures this time! (see: Facebook album)

Augie thought that Annie and Nolan were Hi-LARIOUS and Aunt Rachel wan't too bad either...

He couldn't get enough of pulling Ma-da-da around by the Scapular and hair and was happy to find out she understands baby babble quite well! He cuddled with Aunt Siggy, had a good time goofing off with Dumb-daddy, and was in complete shock that his God-mother, Stu, was so beautiful!

All in all it was a splendid time, and here is more proof! : )  Enjoy.

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