Sunday, August 19, 2012

Busy Weekend Trip

This weekend Forrest, Augustine and I made a trip down to College Station to see friends and family, and made a sub-trip to Houston for a couple hours on Saturday to see my newest niece, Mary Grace. We had a wonderful time, but boy was it jam-packed and boy-oh-boy are we tired now! Thank goodness for "our own bed", am I right?!

Friday afternoon, when we first got to Sarah and Hannah's house, we were swept away for a pre-bedtime photo shoot. Augie may have been more pleased to be in the bucket if it were morning, but then again I think he is WAY cuter with this expression...

"HaHaHa, Aunt Sarah. Do you know that I will be bigger than you in about 2 years? We will see who gets made to take demeaning bucket pictures then..."

 Unfortunately (bad Jenny!) the pictures I took from the Houston mini-trip turned out awful. I have a habit of getting excited and then doing a cruddy job of documenting the very thing I am excited about! Oh well, is the best (sadly) picture of that bit.
Augie and Christian
Later that evening we went to have dinner with the other cousins (and the parents of the cousins, of course). Augie got LOTS of hugs and kisses from the girlie cousins. They just plain love this guy.


This morning before we left for church, Augie even got to make a little time for Maybe....


We had a lot of fun, but the Auger was ready for bed when we got home. My boy doesn't mess around  with his sleep times. : )

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