Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fun Swimming Day

Today Augie and I went over to visit the Sears family and go swimming with Mama-Liz, Everette, Blaise, Enoch, and Daisy. We tried this once a few months ago and Mr. Aug was just not having it, but this time he seemed to have a great time! Unfortunately I did not bring my camera. I suppose the pessimist in me assumed we would have to leave early after a crying fit (again) but now I am sad I didn't get to document it!

I did get this picture of what his hair did all day afterwards...


This miraculous coiffure is due to a lot of excess sunscreen that won't wash out of his hair! The sunscreen he gets is called California Baby, and it is a physical barrier sunscreen (titanium dioxide) instead of chemical sunscreen. Since he is not quite six months old yet, I don't want his little liver to have to process any extra chemicals. Turns out, the sunscreen works really well BUT it won't wash off, no way, no how. And it smells like he is covered in old fat. I still love him.

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