Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mommy Movie Date!

Today my sweet friend Kirsty invited us over to watch a chick-flick and eat a yummy lunch. She lives in Celeste, so it was a little drive (about half an hour or so) but boy was it a pretty one! Then, the boys ate, napped, and played on their mama's, while the mama's watched "This Means War". It. Was. Amazing. To get to hang out with a friend AND watch a chick-flick AND get to play with sweet babies all afternoon? Heaven. After the movie we had a little picture fun, and I couldn't choose just one...
Chapman and Augie. Clearly BFF's in the making.

Super Chap!



Don't these two pictures look like it is one that got chopped in half? Hehe.

Sweet chunky goodness!

Thanks for inviting over, Kirsty! We had a great time, and can't wait to do it again : )


erin said...

It is so nice to have friends with babies! My husband and I are younger so we do not have many friends that are married with kids, but the few we do have are so refreshing to hang with.

Jenny Womack said...

It really is nice! I made mine through other friends, or going out to different places (like the dog park!). My husband makes fun of me because I scout friends like a single man looks for dates. Haha.